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At Maunag, we believe in quality as the basic and most important ingredient in all our offerings. All Meat products along with the Value Added Meat ones that are produced at Maunag are of sound quality, hygienic, clean and safe to be consumed by humans. We follow all necessary processes to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

We carry out the blast freezing process for all our products so as to reduce growth of bacteria and improvement of shelf life. Moreover, all our cooked as well as fresh meat are blast frozen to reduce bacteria growth and to improve shelf life.

Being an ISO 22000/HACCP certified company, all activities of the plant, straight from the procurement of raw materials, production of goods as well as their distribution are carried out adhering strictly to the quality standards established by international bodies.

At Maunag, the processing of meat is performed with imported machines that are approved by USFDA/CE for producing a number of value added meat products like Burgers, Sausages, Salamis and other ready to eat frozen products.

The team of proficient workmen working in the meat processing plant of Maunag also focus on developing unique products to diversify the offering portfolio of the organization. We also provide our clients with the accurate and precise information on all our products along with the ingredients used in them.

Licenses/ Registrations obtained by Maunag

Maunag in order to continue the smooth flow of its operations has received a number of necessary licenses from the authorized bodies.

  • License to manufacture food products from the local body
  • FSSAI license for producing Meat Food Products
  • SSI Permanent Registration from State Government
  • Building Plan that has been approved by the local body
  • Barcode registered with GSI
  • ISO: 22000 / HACCP Certification